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Take Control of Your Growing Environment!

Many factors go into making the ideal grow room or horticulture space. Lighting, soil conditions, fertilizer, and many other factors all must be considered. But one of the most critical aspects to creating the perfect indoor growing space is generating air circulation. Air circulating fans are the perfect solution to replicating wind conditions plants would naturally experience in an outdoor environment.

Why are air circulating fans necessary for grow rooms?

Heat: Indoor grow rooms often make use of high-power lamps that mimic the sun. These lamps are necessary for photosynthesis. However, these lamps also give off an excessive amount of heat, leading to potentially oppressive conditions for humans and plants alike. Air circulating fans create a cooling affect that makes conditions much more comfortable and ideal for growing conditions.

Humidity: Plants give off moisture, increasing the humidity in indoor horticulture spaces. Just like how air circulation creates a cooling effect, air circulating fans also mitigate the effects of humidity.

Deter Pests: Airflow around your plants helps to deter harmful pests like gnats and mites, and control rot, powdery mildew, and mold.

Powdery mildew on a tomato plant.

Dust: In indoor growing environments, dust can easily settle on plants, blocking the pores on a plant’s leaves and making it difficult for the plant to respire. Air circulation in an indoor growing space will prevent dust from settling on leaves.

Plant Strength: In their natural, outdoor environment, plants are constantly being buffeted by the breeze. This leads to stronger, healthier stems, which in turn makes the plants more fit to bear weight as they grow. Air circulating fans replicate the workout your plants would receive from the breeze!

What fans are best for grow rooms and other indoor horticulture spaces? That depends on the size of the space.

Small to medium size grow rooms

For small to medium size grow rooms (the kind most people would have in their house), we recommend Jan Fan Industrial Air Circulators. Jan Fan started way back in 1958, and quickly grew in popularity in the automotive industry in Detroit. For that reason, you can trust that Jan Fans are durable as well as functional. Jan Fans are available in a variety of sizes and mounting options.

Jan Fan Air Circulators installed in the ValleyPure indoor grow room in Central California.

Overall, there are two main categories of Jan Fans: large air circulators (ranging from 20” to 30” in diameter), and smaller Workstation Fans (with 12” and 18” options). All Jan Fans are available in silver and safety yellow. Let’s go through some of the options that are best suited for indoor growing spaces.

Jan Fan Industrial Air Circulators can be mounted to the wall and pointed toward a specific area of your growing space. The Pedestal Base mounting option with the additional wheel kit is perfect for maneuvering around your facility. You could also opt for the Articulating Arm, which can give you even more airflow options! All large Jan Fan air circulators come standard with an energy efficient three-speed motor, quiet design, and five-year warranty.

Jan fan mounting options for grow rooms

The Workstation Fan from Jan Fan is the perfect way to keep the air moving in your grow room. These little fans move A LOT of air! The Workstation Fan can easily be placed on the floor or on a workbench or mounted to the wall or ceiling. With an energy efficient, three-speed motor, the Workstation Fan from Jan Fan provides the perfect solution to your air circulation needs. These fans come standard with a two-year warranty.­­­

Jan Fan workstation fans

Large, indoor growing spaces

Honestly, large grow rooms could benefit greatly from placing Jan Fan Industrial Air Circulators around their space. An additional option to consider is HVLS fans, which stands for High-Volume, Low-Speed. HVLS fans are available in sizes ranging from 7”-24” and move a MASSIVE amount of air around your indoor growing space. HVLS fans must be securely mounted on structures like I-beams, purlin structures, Unistrut, or glulam beams.

We recommend the ECO HVLS fan from Hunter Industrial & Commercial. The ECO HVLS Fan is the perfect choice for any facility looking to stay comfortable, productive, and safe at an economical price point. With a direct-drive motor and blades designed by aerospace engineers, ECO provides quiet, energy efficient air flow to match the demands of most applications.

Hunter ECO HVLS fan for grow room

Every ECO HVLS fan comes with Hunter’s innovative Adjustable Downrod. This new telescoping design comes in three different lengths, ranging from 2ft to 10ft. Designed to fit your needs, our Adjustable Downrod gives our customers confidence in every order, you can rest easy knowing that when your new Hunter industrial fan arrives, it will perfectly fit your space.

Are you ready to get the air moving in your grow room or indoor horticulture facility? Contact the experts at Hunter Industrial & Commercial today!