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Jan Fan air circulators are some of the most efficient and reliable products on the market, with durability that has been proven over time and in the most rigorous of circumstances. Founded in 1958 by Dwight Janisse, the product initially took hold in the Detroit automotive industry. Jan Fan was acquired by Hunter Fan Co. in 2019, and today is a vital part of the Hunter Industrial & Commercial Division.

For over 60 years, Jan Fan has been a leader in the industrial air circulation industry. As part of the Hunter portfolio of industrial and commercial product, Jan Fan can be part of a multi-level solution to any facility’s air circulation needs.

Jan Fan Product Offerings

The backbone of the Jan Fan product line is the collection of 20”, 24”, and 30” fans. These fans are some of the most efficient, maintenance free, and quiet fans on the market. The Jan Fan’s modular design allows for ultimate flexibility, ease of assembly, and reliability. Jan Fans come in a variety of mounting options, including pedestal, articulating arm, wall mount, and mobile floor mount.

Jan Fan product line

With Jan Fan, you can rest assured knowing that your workplace is cooler and more comfortable in the warmer months. This air circulation leads to increased workplace health and safety, and reduces the risk of heat related illnesses or injuries. It is well-known that work productivity decreases as heat rises, but a comfortable environment can also lead directly to employee satisfaction and retention. Jan Fans can lead to increased output AND financial savings!

We are pleased to announce that, as of Spring 2022, Jan Fan air circulators are available in safety yellow AND silver!

Jan Fan air circulators

For over half a century, Jan Fan has been well-known and highly trusted within the automotive industry. But this is not the only industry that has benefited from the high performance and reliability that Jan Fans offer. These industrial air circulators are put to good use in manufacturing facilities, gyms and recreation centers, warehouses, agricultural and horticultural spaces, and more!

industrial air circulators in various industries


In addition to the benefits attained from Jan Fan’s performance and reliability, these products are compatible with our Energy Saving Module. This patented device allows the installer to preset the duration the fan remains on. After installation, the fan will automatically shut off after 4, 5, 6, or 10 hours. With the Energy Saving Module, you can be confident that the fans will be on when you need them, and off when you don’t. This not only saves energy but reduces excessive motor wear and unnecessary dirt build-up as well.

Because we are confident in our product, we offer a full 5-year warranty on the 20”, 24”, and 30” fans. Most orders ship within 48 hours, and installation and maintenance services are available. When you are ready to order, we are ready to deliver!

Additional Product Offerings

Full size industrial air circulators are not the only Jan Fan products available! One of our most popular items is our Workstation Fan, available in 12” and 18”. This little fan moves A LOT of air, and has a high-efficiency, 3-speed motor. This product comes with a 2-year warranty and is available in silver and safety yellow.

Workstation Fans

Another product that really shines is our High-Powered LED Light attachment. With durable aluminum housing and rugged components, this attachment is designed to withstand industrial applications. The LED light attachment can be mounted simultaneously with the fan, and is compatible with the all Jan Fan models.

 High-Powered LED Light attachment

Are you ready to take your facility to the next level by adding Jan Fan Industrial Air Circulators? Contact one of our specialists today!