Dairy Farm Discovers Cooling Benefits - Hunter Industrial

HVLS ceiling fans demonstrate ability at temp control in livestock facility

Before Installation

Pleasant Hill Dairy, L.P. is a large dairy farm in Mount Vernon, Texas with approximately 800 cows, growing most of their livestock’s feed on their own land. In 2016, Sjouke Plantinga, along with his brother, Auke Plantinga, operators of Pleasant Hill Dairy, began constructing a new open-face barn to accommodate the farm’s growth. In their original barn, they utilize 60 box fans to circulate air, which drives up the electrical bill significantly. Additionally, because these stationary fans are only able to mobilize air within a few feet, many cows are not receiving their cooling benefit. As a result, their body temperatures are not being regulated, which increases their physical stress—a factor that studies have shown can reduce how much cows eat and, in turn, how much milk they are capable of producing.

'As you may guess, summers in Texas are brutal. We have to keep our cows cool and comfortable, or they won’t feed like they should, and stress wears on their bodies,' said Sjouke Plantinga, co-operator of Pleasant Hill Dairy. 'I began researching high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans in the industry and discovered Hunter Industrial’s fans online. Within a few days, their team was planning a trip out to my farm in Texas to learn more about my needs and provide me with an impressive estimate.'

When finalizing the construction of the new barn in April 2017, Pleasant Hill Dairy installed 14 of Hunter Industrial’s Titan 14-foot fans throughout the 500 x 150 square foot facility.

Livestock stares while Hunter industrial ceiling fan hangs above

After Installation

Following the installation, Mr. Plantinga quickly noticed a significant reduction compared to the previous environmental stressors posing his livestock. The continual circulation of air from Hunter’s HVLS fans, like our horse barn ceiling fans, has secured a comfortable temperature across the board for both workers and dairy cows. Additionally, as one of the quietest HVLS fan options in the market, Hunter’s products have contributed to reduced stress through notable noise control.

Mr. Plantinga also noted that the consistent breeze generated by the HVLS fans have curbed pests surrounding cattle, cutting down on the number of flies in the new facility. While valuing the added comfort the new installations provide for his livestock, Mr. Plantinga has been the most satisfied with the minimal maintenance experienced with Hunter’s fans.

The continual circulation of air from Hunter's industrial ceiling fans has secured a comfortable temperature across the board for both works and dairy cows. ~ Sjouke Plantinga

'I was impressed by the few parts needed to put Hunter’s fans together, and I’ve been even more pleased by how low maintenance the fans have been since installation,' said Mr. Plantinga. 'The fans’ direct drive motor also ensures no oil leaks down on the cows, which is a major issue with fans using more traditional motors.'

By using Hunter’s HVLS barn ceiling fans in his new barn, as opposed to the 60 box fans in his original barn, Mr. Plantinga estimates his electricity bill has been cut back by close to 80 percent. 'The efficiency and low wattage of Hunter’s fans has been a huge cost saver for me,' said Mr. Plantinga. 'I hope to be able to work with Hunter for additional barn needs in the future.'