XP Fans Featured in Garage Rehab - Hunter Industrial


Located in Sturgis, South Dakota, Jacob’s Auto Repair is the go-to shop for anyone in town needing minor or major repair work on their vehicles or motorcycles. This family-owned business is led by Rick Jacobs and his wife Brandy and also includes a gas station with a convenience store.

Jacob’s Auto Repair—founded in 2003—needed a serious upgrade and enlisted the help of the Discovery Channel’s Garage Rehab show. Garage Rehab is led by Richard Rawlings and his team—including project manager Russell J. Holmes and auto shop consultant Chris Stephens—who travel the country to find shops that need help. The team’s makeover of the shop included installing three Hunter Industrial fans to help circulate air movement and keep Rick and his team comfortable all year long.


Prior to the Garage Rehab team’s transformation of Jacob’s Auto Repair, there were only a couple small floor fans located in the shop that failed to move air throughout the entire space or remove exhaust fumes from the facility.

As part of the shop’s revitalization, three Hunter Industrial XP 7’ fans were installed—the fans include a 2’ rigid mount and are powered by readily available 110v input to allow for an easy and quick installation process. As a result, Rick and his team now enjoy the comfortable work space, especially during the hot summer months, and are able to eliminate fumes in the shop immediately.

Rick was not familiar with Hunter’s industrial fan line prior to the Garage Rehab installation. Now? “I show the fans to everyone who comes in the shop. They keep our team cool, and I would absolutely recommend Hunter Industrial to anyone who needs a fan in their facility.”— Rick Jacobs.

To view the Garage Rehab episode of Jacob’s Auto Repair, visit www.discovery.com/tv-shows/garage-rehab.