The benefits of installing high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans in your facility are well-documented. These large, industrial fans, like the Hunter TITAN, ECO, and XP, can make an extraordinary difference in the safety and level of comfort in your building. HVLS fans can make your business cooler in the summer, regulate heat in the winter, and generate year-round energy savings by taking the burden off your existing HVAC system. And maybe most importantly, making your workplace more comfortable can immediately boost your employee retention AND productivity.

With the Hunter 700E HVLS Controller, you can seize more control over your work environment, unlocking the true potential of your HVLS fan network.

700E HVLS fan controller

What Sets The 700E HVLS Controller Apart?

First, the basics. This HVLS fan controller allows you to manage a network of up to 30 fans all from one location.  You can control each fan individually, or in groups. If there are areas in your facility that are more prone to temperature or humidity fluctuations, this is your solution.

What really sets the 700E HVLS Controller apart is its ability to intuitively sense, and regulate, the temperature and humidity in your building. This controller comes with two environmental sensors that can be programmed to detect and automatically respond to changes in your workplace. After programming your desired temperature and humidity levels, your fan network will take it from there, working to keep your building safe, your occupants comfortable, and your workflow uninterrupted.

But wait, there’s more!

Summer mode, Winter Mode

Throughout the year, a building’s heating and cooling needs change dramatically. This is especially true for large, open spaces, where regulating heat and humidity is a challenge. We all know that heat rises, which means by default the hottest area in your facility will be towards the ceiling. The principle of temperature separating into different levels is called stratification, and HVLS fans use this principle to regulate the environment of your building.

The 700E HVLS Controller makes this process even smoother. By selecting Summer Mode, your network of HVLS fans will keep your occupants cool by automatically adjusting the fan speed to create a cooling effect. In Winter Mode, your fans will work to de-stratify your environment, recirculating the heat that is trapped at the ceiling, which will both keep your occupants comfortable and generate significant energy savings.

Take control of your environment!

700E HVLS fan controller set

The 700E HVLS Controller is truly the most efficient way to run your facility’s fan network. It has a simple touch screen design, is quick and easy to install, and requires no additional power. The controller can be included in a new installation of Hunter HVLS fans or added to an existing network.

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