Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen - Hunter Industrial

Before Installation

 Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen is a Memphis, Tennessee-based restaurant featuring innovative Italian cooking rooted in Southern tradition. Outdoor patio seating is offered to guests where they may choose to sit under an attached pergola.

 Given Tennessee’s infamous heat and humidity throughout the summer months, owners Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman knew the outdoor dining area needed ceiling fans to circulate air effectively and keep guests cool during their visit.

 Without airflow, guests weren’t choosing the outdoor seating experience.

 After Installation

Upon learning about the Hunter Fan Company’s commercial fan line, Andy and Michael decided to install five 52' Trimaran fans. As part of Hunter’s WeatherMax® Collection, the Trimaran is wet rated as well as corrosion and salt-air resistant, making it great for outdoor spaces like pergolas and patios.

 Now, guests are able to enjoy Andrew Michael’s outdoor seating option throughout the spring, fall and especially in the summer. 

'One of our first concerns was having them outdoors without a roof on it. We’ve gone through some pretty big rains already here this summer, and the fans held up great,' Michael said. 'That was a big concern and obviously that concern has been washed away.' 

The Trimaran features a reversible, 3-speed WhisperWind® motor, which delivers ultra-powerful air movement with whisper-quiet performance so you get the cooling power you want without the noise you don’t. 

'People don’t mind sitting outside on the patio anymore,' Andy added. 'I feel like there is a constant breeze throughout the patio, and people say that on the daily.' 

Learn more about the Trimaran fan and Hunter’s entire outdoor commercial collection here.