Station #1 Installation

DeKalb, Illinois—about an hour west of Chicago—is home to the DeKalb Fire Department, which has three stations within city limits. Until February 2019, Station #1 relied on two residential ceiling fans for its nearly 15-foot ceiling to circulate air movement throughout the building. DeKalb firefighter/paramedic Patrick Eriksen knew these fans were ineffective, so he decided to turn to Hunter Industrial Fans to find a solution.

DeKalb Fire Department decided to install two of Hunter’s XP HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans in Station #1. The XP arrives pre-assembled and has a direct-drive motor rather than a gearbox, making it much lighter, more efficient and a lot easier to install compared to other large industrial fans.

“When it says plug and play, it is literally plug and play,” Eriksen said of the XP fans’ easy installation. “The instructions and equipment that we got were great. We were able to mount the VFD in the box next to the fan and run the cables down, so we have our control panels right there at the ready when we want to change directions and speed.”

Station #3 Installation

After the easy installation and improved efficiency at Station #1, DeKalb Fire Department decided to install the same Hunter Industrial XP ceiling fans in Station #3.

“Last year we installed two fans at our downtown fire station, and it improved the environment greatly,” Eriksen said. “The fans made it better for the people to work in; they increased the longevity for many of our vehicles; and they allowed us to do more outside training in an environment that is conducive to learning.”

Available in sizes 7-14 feet, the XP is specifically designed for year-round HVAC cost savings and hassle-free installation. The fan features variable speed control to provide fully adjustable airflow for maximum performance and efficiency.

“Hunter Fans has shown nothing but great support for all of us first responders,” Eriksen said. “

Learn more about the XP fans and Hunter’s entire industrial collection here.

XP hanging
Four XPs hanging in garage