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Ceiling Fans for Breweries

Craft beer may be more popular than ever in the United States, but controlling the environment inside a brewery is exceedingly difficult. Heat, humidity, excess moisture, and comfort for employees and guests all must be considered. Installing industrial ceiling fans is an effective way to keep breweries safe, comfortable, and productive.

Beer through the Years

Beer has been a staple of the American diet for hundreds of years. The drink’s popularity took off in the 19th century, when a wave of immigrants from Germany brought with them the technique of brewing lager that had a long shelf life. In fact, the oldest brewery in the United States was founded by German immigrant David G. Yuengling in 1829, and his company, now known as D. G. Yuengling and Son, is today the fourth largest distributor of beer in the United States. The 20th century saw many smaller beer producers purchased by larger companies, and, as recently as 2012, two companies, Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors, controlled the production of roughly 90% of all American beer.

Ad for Yuengling Lager, c1878, courtesy Library of Congress

Ad for Yuengling Lager, c.1878, courtesy Library of Congress

Interestingly, the trend of consolidation has changed over the last decade or so with the emergence of the craft beer market. These smaller breweries (known variously as Craft Breweries, Microbreweries, Brew Pubs, Gastropubs, etc.) produce less beer than the large, nationwide brands, but their products are catered to a more discerning audience, and they are focused more on innovating and evolving than they are on mass market appeal.

Many of these smaller breweries not only brew beer, they also serve as public gathering locations, event venues, and/or restaurants. These businesses create an environment that is inviting and comfortable for guests and employees. The Nashville area, where Hunter Industrial & Commercial is located, is home to forty unique breweries, and some of the most popular breweries have taken control of their environment by installing Hunter industrial ceiling fans.

The Ceiling Fan Solution

These industrial fans, also known as HVLS (High-Volume, Low-Speed) fans, are much larger than the residential fans that most people associate with their living room or bedroom. To be classified as an HVLS fans, the fan must measure at least seven feet in diameter. The largest HVLS fans, like the Hunter TITAN, max out at an impressive twenty-four-foot diameter. The most obvious benefit of installing industrial ceilings fans in a brewery is temperature and comfort. By moving a massive amount of air at a low rotational speed, HVLS fans generate a nearly TEN DEGREE COOLING EFFECT, and are optimized to work in large, open environments where air conditioning just doesn’t cut it.

Fat Bottom Brewery has 14-foot TITANS installed in their production area in order to keep workers safe in the hot and humid working environment. Hear more from them in this video:

This cooling effect keep workers and guests safe and comfortable, but it also has an added benefit. Little Harpeth Brewery, one of Music City’s favorite breweries, has two, 18-foot TITANs installed in their 10,000 square foot facility.  “After installing the fans, we noticed that guests would mingle and have another round of beers,” said Michael Kwas, Founder and CEO of Little Harpeth. “We saw an immediate return on investment in that aspect.”

Hunter HVLS fan in brewery

Hunter TITAN HVLS fan in Little Harpeth Brewery

The cooling effect was also noted by Linus Hall, founder of Yazoo Brewing Company, which has been crafting beer in Nashville since 2003. “It definitely creates a nice strong breeze,” said Hall. “The design also seems to be a lot sleeker than the other big fans on the market and the touchscreen system is really intuitive.” The comfort factor is critical for breweries like Yazoo that offer guided tours of their facility. A 16-foot TITAN is installed in one of the areas in the Yazoo facility where guests stop for tours. Not only does the industrial fan keep the area cool, the airflow generated also creates an evaporative effect that keeps the area safe from excess moisture on the floor.

Hunter HVLS fan in Brewery

Hunter TITAN HVLS fan in Yazoo Brewing Company

Hunter HVLS fans come in a variety of sizes and feature an innovative adjustable downrod which makes installation a breeze. They moderate temperature throughout the year and generate year-round energy savings! Are you ready to take your brewery to the next level by installing industrial ceiling fans?