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If you are a business owner, you intrinsically understand the need to keep your building safe and comfortable for guests and employees. Whether you own a restaurant, fitness facility, retail store, or any other business the welcomes customers, it is vital that guests walk in to a clean and comfortable environment. Installing high quality commercial fans is a simple and cost-effective means of ensuring that your customers (and employees!) have the best possible experience inside your establishment. But what exactly are commercial fans, anyway?

In short, commercial fans combine the power and durability of industrial fans with the stylistic appeal of residential fans.

Let’s explore this more as we continue.

Harness Industrial Power

Industrial fans, also known as HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans, are large fans that move a massive volume of air at a low rotational speed. They typically measure at least 7 feet in diameter, and the largest models are a whopping 24 feet across. These fans are often found in warehouses or factories, but they are also incredibly useful in agriculture, food & beverage, and aviation hangar applications.

Depending on the business, an industrial fan may be exactly what is needed for a commercial application. For instance, fitness facilities with large, expansive ceilings greatly benefit from high-volume, low-speed fans like the Hunter TITAN or XP. Other commercial settings need a fan optimized for their environment.

Commercial fans are typically smaller than industrial fans, measuring somewhere between 5-8 feet in diameter. Because of this, they can fit into a large variety of commercial applications. But don’t let their smaller size fool you; these fans are specifically engineered to generate massive airflow, far more than the average fan you might have in your living room or bedroom.

Hunter Trak Commercial fans in gym

Hunter Trak Commercial Fans in a Gym

The important phrase to consider when measuring how powerful one fan is compared to another is Cubic Feet per Minute, or CFM for short. CFM is the measurement of exactly how much airflow a fan can generate, and, for commercial purposes, the higher the CFM the better. Let’s compare two fans to get a better idea.

On average, a typical residential ceiling fan has a CFM ranging from about 4,000 to 5,000 when set on high speed, which is exactly what you would want to have in your living room or on your porch on a hot summer day. Now, let’s compare that with the Hunter Trak Commercial Fan, which is designed specifically for commercial applications. On high speed, the Trak Commercial fan puts out an impressive 22,034 CFM!

Stylish Design, Intuitive Controls

The benefits of installing commercial fans don’t end with just their airflow output. These fans are also designed to add aesthetic appeal to your business, all while providing comfort to your guests and employees. The Hunter Trak fan is a perfect combination of these important characteristics. Trak fans are available in black, white, and silver, and are designed to complement the visual style of any environment.

Beyond looks, these fans also have a variety of capabilities that make them perfect for commercial settings. They are UL 507 wet rated, which means Trak fans can be installed in covered patios or screened in porches. When ordering, you can choose if you would like the fan with or without a light. One of Trak’s biggest selling points is its 8-speed, reversible controller, which gives you the ability to dial in the exact level of airflow you need, and it is whisper-quiet even at the highest setting. And with a 3-year motor warranty, Trak fans are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Hunter Industrial & Commercial offers a variety of options to meet your heating and cooling needs. Are you ready to improve your environment?