XP Industrial Fan Cools Off Auto Shop - Hunter Industrial
Musler Motorsports is a racing team based in Ashland City, Tennessee that competes in both road racing and oval track racing. Team owner and driver Hal Musler has a 30-year racing career with many championships under his belt, and he manages the automotive shop where he and his team build and service race cars. The Trouble The brutal Tennessee summer often took a toll on Hal and his team—forcing them to start their workday early in the morning and close in the afternoon due to the heat. “I used to joke that our shop was ‘temperature controlled.’ When it was hot outside, it was hot inside, and when it was cold outside, it was cold inside,” said Hal. To combat the heat inside of his shop, Hal purchased some four-foot residential fans which failed to push air throughout the entire 6,000 square-foot facility. Disappointed with the results, Hal began researching an alternative that would ensure air circulated in every corner of the building. The Solution Hal was familiar with Hunter Fan Company’s residential products and discovered the Hunter Industrial division on social media. After learning about the company’s high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) XP series fan, Hal decided to go with the 14-foot XP fan. He discovered this fan is ideal for auto garages and larger workshops because it comes with a 2-foot rigid mount and is powered by readily available 110v input, making installation easy and quick. Immediately, he noticed a huge difference in his shop. “The fan is centered over the primary work area, but you can feel the cool air circulating in the far corners of the shop,” said Hal. “What I loved the most was the ease of installation. It only took two hours to install the fan, and since it works with our available 110v power supply, it was up and running in no time.” Our innovative and lightweight direct-drive motor stood out to Hal as well. “I also really appreciated the fan’s design, which efficiently circulates air throughout the entire shop, while enhancing our overall aesthetic,” said Hal. “The fans have a direct drive motor versus a gearbox motor, so they not only look nice but require virtually no maintenance. Gearboxes are for racecars—not for HVLS ceiling fans.” Hal and his team are now able to work a full day without cutting their hours short due to their facility’s temperature. Available in five sizes, explore our lightweight and easy to install HVLS industrial fan.