Hunter Fans Spotlight: The ECO HVLS Industrial Fan

Ensuring that your workplace is safe, comfortable, and productive is at the top of the priority list for any business owner. For warehouses, gyms, hangars, or any other location with large, open ceilings, this is a difficult thing to control. Heat, humidity, fumes, and other factors all contribute to working hazards and employee turnover. Installing large, industrial fans, like the Hunter ECO ceiling fan, is an affordable and effective way to solve these problems.

Industrial Fan Benefits

The ECO fan is a member of a family of products known as HVLS fans. The acronym HVLS, which stands for HIGH-VOLUME, LOW-SPEED, refers to the way these large diameter fans move a massive amount of air even while spinning much slower than residential ceiling fans.

Industrial fans like the ECO generate a near 10°F cooling effect and help to mitigate discomfort caused by humidity. Reliable airflow helps to deal with unpleasant odors and harmful fumes, and generates cost savings related to energy, employee turnover, product spoilage, and more! Learn more about HVLS fans HERE.

Hunter ECO HVLS Fan


Variety is what sets the ECO ceiling fan apart from the competition. This affordable HVLS fan is available in a wide selection of sizes, from 8’ all the way up to 24’. It features four structural grade aluminum blades, and a direct drive motor (which means no oil spills!). ECO is available in multiple different input power options to ensure that it fits into almost any application.

Mounting is made simple with the ECO HVLS fan. It comes standard with Hunter’s patented Adjustable Downrod, which ensures an easy installation process. The ECO fan can be mounted on almost any standard building structure, including I-beam, purlin structures, Unistrut, or glulam beams.

See how easy it is to install the ECO HVLS fan:

As far as performance, the 24’ ECO industrial fan generates 289,088 cubic feet per minute of airflow. To put that in context, that means that the ECO fan moves as much air as 43 standard residential fans! It does this while operating at less than 55 dB, which means you get all that airflow without the noise.

ECO industrial fans come paired with a selection of control options, which allow the user to control multiple fans all from one location. Additionally, Hunter HVLS fans can be integrated with your pre-existing Building Management System.

ECO Fan Testimonials

Hear from some of ECO’s biggest fans:


The Smyrna Airport is in Rutherford County, TN, and is the third largest airport in the state. They specialize in business traffic, corporate aviation, and flight training, which means their hangars are incredibly busy. These hangars are way more than just a parking garage for airplanes, they are also where they service, refuel, and maintain the aircraft. In the summer, these hangars used to be unbearably hot, and created a miserable environment for staff and guests.

After installing two Hunter ECO industrial fans, these issues were quickly mitigated. “[The fans] keep the temperature down. They keep the air moving,” said Salil Rai, Deputy Director of the Smyrna/Rutherford County Airport Authority. “We’ve also realized [the fans] help take care of the bird problem. Birds and planes… they don’t mix too well.”

ECO HVLS fan airport


Located in Murfreesboro, TN, Greenhouse Ministries provides food, clothing, healthcare, and other essentials to those in need. Greenhouse's warehouse is in many ways its heart of operations, where they sort and distribute every single one of their donations. In the summer months, their warehouse, which lacked air conditioning or ventilation, would be forced to shut down, putting a pause on their ability to collect and distribute goods.

Greenhouse installed two 14’ ECO HVLS fans in their facility and noticed a change for the better right away.  "After the fans' installation, the impact was instantly noticeable," said a member of the ministry team. "The fans create a nice breeze in the summer and circulate warm air in the winter, vastly improving the working conditions for our staff and volunteers. Our people are the life force of our organization, so anything we can do to improve conditions for them greatly helps our overall mission. Now, our warehouse is honestly the most enjoyable room in our facility."

ECO HVLS Fan Warehouse


Murfreesboro Nissan is in Rutherford County, TN, and they needed reliable airflow in their service center. Their air circulation needs were twofold: they needed to keep workers and guests comfortable year-round, and they needed a way to deal with harmful exhaust fumes present in any automotive facility.

The folks at Murfreesboro Nissan installed a few ECO fans in their service center, which make a world of difference. “I brag on these fans all the time, and I love that we can set them to reverse and low speed to fit our needs,” said service manager. “We would tire out so quickly from the heat that it would affect our work. Now, our area stays much cooler—especially in the summer,” another employee added.

ECO HVLS fan automotive

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