Add a touch of style to take your business up a level.

When it comes to your business space, you want anyone who enters to feel welcomed and comfortable, and you also want the aesthetic you’ve thoughtfully curated to help them understand exactly what your business does. Whether you have carefully coordinated the furniture and artwork of your hotel lobby or perfectly arranged your gym equipment in the most logical layout, adding a commercial ceiling fan is the final step in creating true visual cohesion for your business, thus helping your customers, clients, and staff feel more at ease. Finding the ideal match for your space can be tricky, so here are a few options to help you get started.


If you’re looking to add a subtle touch of style to your space, take a closer look at the Warrant. This commercial ceiling fan is made to bring high-quality airflow into any business space without drawing too much attention to itself. With various options to choose from, like a matte or brush finish and different blade lengths, it’s easy to find the one that best compliments your space while still keeping your décor in line with your brand. The straight-edge, rectangle blades keep your business feeling elevated in a simple, classic way, while the center light fixture creates additional lighting, making this commercial fan ideal for larger, open spaces or facilities with extra high ceilings. 


With ten blades and a modern design, the Overton is ideal for taking your business space to a whole new level. The extra-long blades not only look stunning but create truly high-quality airflow in any space, and the center light fixture adds the perfect amount of light. Whether your business space is bright and airy or modern and sleek, it’s easy to match the Overton fan to your aesthetics, thanks to the various design options. It’s the perfect commercial ceiling fan for making a bold statement, in a subtle way.


With the Cassius, you'll never have to wonder if your space looks and feels cohesive. This ceiling fan has a classic three-blade design that keeps things simple yet refined. Whether you’ve got a bold and vibrant retail space or a soft and secluded lobby, these Hunter fans are a way to not only bring the highest quality airflow into your business but also elevate the look and feel of your space.


Adding ceiling fans to your business space can seem like a daunting task. Trying to find the perfect size and style that match your décor without being too distracting can quickly become overwhelming. With Hunter's commercial selection, it’s simple and easy to create better airflow without sacrificing style and still keeping your space on brand. Plus, with a Hunter fan, you eliminate worries over performance and function, as these fans are built to last and designed to bring the highest-quality air circulation into any space. Whether you’ve got a wide-open facility, a sleek modern aesthetic, or a more traditional business space, it’s a breeze to find the Hunter commercial fan that will take your business to a new level.

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