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Trailblazing Since 1886

Hunter Fan Co. was founded on innovation. It all started way back in 1886 when the Hunter family purchased interest in the Tuerk Water Meter Company, and some of the earliest ceiling fans were invented. The innovation has only escalated from there. From water driven belt fans, to oscillating desk fans, and exhaust fans for Army hospitals and barracks in WWII, Hunter Fan Co. has been a trailblazer in the air movement industry for over 135 years. Today, Hunter’s innovation continues in the industrial and commercial markets.

In 2016, Hunter Fan Co. revolutionized the industrial fan market with TITAN, Hunter’s very first, state-of-the-art, HVLS fan. The Hunter Industrial & Commercial Division opened its doors in Nashville, TN, and has since become a leader in the industry. Hunter Industrial & Commercial has released two other HVLS fans, ECO and XP, and expanded its commercial fan offerings.

But that is just the beginning. Here are a few other innovations that set Hunter Industrial & Commercial apart from the competition:

IP66 Drive Enclosure:

IP66 Drive Enclosure

The all-new IP66 Drive Enclosure from Hunter Industrial & Commercial is designed for those who need fans in unpredictable conditions. The enclosure protects the fan’s drive from moisture and particles like dust and sand, making Hunter HVLS fans ready for any application. Coupled with Hunter’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, the IP66 allows you to take control of your environment and generate tremendous airflow wherever it is needed most!

While Hunter Industrial & Commercial HVLS fans are already incredibly tough and durable, the IP66 allows customers to rest easy knowing that when conditions get rough, the fans will keep spinning!

The IP66 Drive Enclosure is ideal for:

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Sports Venues
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Breweries
  • Any Open-Air Applications

The IP66 Drive Enclosure is available as an upgrade to our standard VFD enclosure. Is this option right for you? Contact us to learn more!

Direct Drive Motor:

Hunter Industrial & Commercial is the very first HVLS manufacturer to offer a direct drive motor standard with all HVLS fans! Prior to this innovation, the standard method of controlling the power and speed of HVLS fans was using gear box motors. Gear box motors have an inherent risk of oil leakage, which could lead to hazardous working conditions. Hunter’s direct drive system has no need of oil, and delivers efficient, reliable, and quiet operation!

Adjustable Downrod:

The Adjustable Downrod is an innovation that incorporates telescoping design and industrial grade bolts to ensure ease of installation and confidence in quality. Many factors go into the process of deciding which HVLS fan is right for your facility. Building size, distance from the ceiling, and spacing from obstructions all must be considered. The adjustable downrod allows customers to order with confidence. By giving the installer the option to lengthen or shorten the downrod depending on the requirements of the space, Hunter Industrial & Commercial customers can be assured that when their fan arrives, it will fit perfectly.

The Adjustable Downrod is available exclusively from Hunter Industrial & Commercial. Learn more here.

700E Controller:

Hunter Industrial & Commercial offers a variety of options for controlling a network of HVLS ceiling fans, but the most innovative is the 700E HVLS Controller. The 700E allows the operator to control a network of up to thirty fans all from one screen. The fans can be controlled individually or in groups, allowing the user to regulate different areas in a facility with ease.

700E HVLS Controller

The most innovative feature of the 700E HVLS Controller is in its intuitive ability to detect and respond to changes in an environment. With temperature and humidity sensors at ceiling and floor level, the 700E will automatically control the network of fans to keep the environment at a pre-set condition. Additionally, the 700E has a built-in Winter Mode and Summer Mode, which will keep an environment comfortable and generate year-round energy savings!


Air circulation is critical in maintaining a safe, comfortable, and efficient environment, and HVLS fans are an ideal way to meet these goals. Hunter Industrial & Commercial is a trailblazer in the industry, and we back our HVLS products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. With ten-day lead times and outstanding customer service, Hunter Industrial & Commercial is ready to give you control over your environment.

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