HVLS fan For Nashville Garage - Hunter Industrial

Before Installation

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Art Frensley is an automotive hobbyist who owns an 1800-square-foot garage with 22-foot ceilings. In his garage, Art restores vintage vehicles including, cars, motorcycles and other automobiles.

Art had two residential ceiling fans in his garage that he relied on to circulate air throughout the space. However, during the brutal Tennessee summer, Art noticed that his fans had minimal impact and lacked the cooling effect he desired. He knew he needed a better solution, so he began researching commercial & industrial ceiling fans that specialized in air circulation.

After Installation

Art purchased and installed one of Hunter Industrial’s XP 10-foot HVLS (high-volume, low speed) fans to help effectively move air throughout his space. The XP is built with a lightweight, maintenance-free direct drive motor that requires no maintenance throughout the year, ideal for automotive garages and other commercial applications.

Hunter Industrial XP HVLS fan in Art Frensley garage

As the winter approached, Art wondered what impact the fan would have on helping push the heat from his small wood-burning stove throughout the garage. “I was surprised at how well it circulated the heat,” said Art. “I had the fan on reverse speed all winter long. I didn’t have to wear a heavy coat and could move around the cars with ease.”

The following summer, after having installed the XP fan, Art noticed a 10-degree cooler temperature difference. “I can now focus on my projects and not how hot it is in the garage!” said Art.