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HVLS Fans help beat the heat in this Texas auto shop

Heat and humidity are a major issue for automotive shops and garages. Open bay doors make traditional air conditioning nearly impossible, and cheap floor fans can be ineffective and a dangerous hazard. Hunter HVLS fans solve these issues by generating reliable airflow all throughout a building, ensuring that your automotive shop stays safe, cool, and productive.

Christian Brothers Automotive

In the late Spring of 2022, Jeremy Robertson decided to take control over the environment in his Christian Brothers Automotive shop in Fairfield, TX. He did not know this at the time, but the summer of 2022 would go on to be one of the hottest on record. A core value of the Christian Brothers brand is that they take care of their employees just as much as their customers, so maintaining a comfortable environment is an absolute necessity. After weighing his options, Jeremy decided to install high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) ceiling fans from Hunter Industrial & Commercial in his automotive garage.

What Are HVLS Fans?

HVLS fans are engineered to generate massive airflow at low rotational speed, providing air movement all throughout a facility and generating a nearly TEN DEGREE cooling effect. Jeremy opted for Hunter XP HVLS fans, which are available in sizes ranging from seven to fourteen feet in diameter. The XP is the ideal option for tighter spaces that need the benefits of HVLS but may not have the room for a larger fan or the need for guy wires.  

Summer was right around the corner, but thankfully, due to Hunter Industrial & Commercial’s TEN-DAY LEAD TIMES, Jeremy was able to have four 7' XP fans installed within weeks of placing his order. The results were instantaneous. “By installing the Hunter Industrial Fans, we have managed the heat and humidity, and the fatigue of our technicians,” said Jeremy. When listing other benefits for his automotive shops, Jeremy went on to mention that the fans were the right price when compared to other companies, and the Limited Lifetime Warranty Hunter provides for all HVLS fans.

Combat Cables, Noise, and Fumes

Jeremy also noted how the Hunter XP fans erase the hazard of having cables and cords on the shop floor. “The reason I love the Hunter Industrial Fans is because we were able to mount the fans in the ceiling and get rid of a lot of the other fans that we had in the shop on the floor that were taking up space and creating clutter.”

Art, an employee at the Fairfield Christian Brothers Automotive location, said “before we had the fans it was extremely humid in the shop. Extremely hot. And now it is a lot cooler.” Another employee mentioned how quiet the fans are, and that they don’t hinder communication between employees and guests.

When deciding between controller options for his network of XP fans, Jeremy opted for the 500 series controller. This controller allows the user to control the power, speed, and rotation of up to 30 fans, all from one location.

Don't take our word for it! Discover the benefits of Hunter HVLS fans straight from Jeremy Robertson:

Other automotive shops have noted how HVLS fans help to eliminate exhaust fumes, and how the Hunter XP is easy to install.

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