HVLS Superlative Awards - Hunter Industrial

Investing in an HVLS fan for your greenhouse, gym, or other facility has proven benefits including increased productivity, an overall more temperate environment, and greater employee satisfaction. While these opportunities to improve your workspace and bottom line are incredibly important, being sure that your investment is designed for the long haul should also factor into your decision. The reliability and performance of the HVLS fan that you choose to install can greatly affect the ROI you can expect from your fan.

Most Athletic: Fan Blade Reliability

One form of reliability can be found in the durability of your fan. When accidental impacts occur, the quality of the construction of the HVLS fan’s blades and blade-holders can make the difference in your expectation of rebounding, repairing, or replacing of the fan. There are various factors to consider when looking at the materials from which your fan’s blades are made. A lightweight fan can help with installation time and associated costs, however, choosing a fan with a lightweight blade should not require a sacrifice in the expected durability.

 Hunter Industrial conducts specific testing to ensure that our blades are equipped to manage even the most difficult circumstances. With many HVLS fans being used in gym facilities, accidental contact with sports equipment is often a concern. Being sure that the fan you select is designed to support these and other encounters, while still maintaining optimum functionality, is an important consideration. In this video, we demonstrate the durability of our HVLS fan blades using sports equipment collisions showing not only their ability to withstand sports-related impacts, but any impact that may occur.

Best All-Around: Proven Performance

The proven performance of an HVLS fan might be the most important thing to consider when choosing a vendor with whom to work. While durability and reliability are significant factors, they both play into the overall performance of an HVLS fan. Whether you are looking to evenly distribute heat, create a cooling effect, or maximize safety control measures, knowing that your fan is going to perform in all circumstances is non-negotiable. At Hunter, we have many customers who have been willing to go on record (or on video) with their performance satisfaction stories.


One example is the Dekalb Fire Station. Northern Illinois is well known for cold winters. Because of this weather landscape, workplace environments are often not set up to maintain the best temperatures during the summer months either. The Dekalb Fire Station in Illinois, near Chicago, was looking for a solution. Because their operations required that their garage doors open and close continuously, temperature regulation was a top priority. Once they installed Hunter XP HVLS fans, they not only saw marked temperature improvements, but also noticed that their trucks and floors dried more quickly leading to increased workplace safety. This is just one example of the double duty of a Hunter HVLS fan.


Most Likely to Succeed: We Stand By Your Fan

How do you know that your HVLS fan provider can - and will - deliver on these important factors? There are two key ways: history and warranty.


Whatever piece of equipment you may be sourcing, the proven and historical reliability of both the product and company are factors in ensuring that your investment will last. The Hunter Fan Company invented the ceiling fan and has been a leader in the industry for over 135 years. This growth and experience is channeled into the Hunter industrial fans and, in turn, into your facility. Hunter takes pride in having earned our customer’s trust — time and time again.


Another way to measure the sustainability of your HVLS investment is found in the warranty. This is a fool-proof way for the company you partner with to stand behind their fan’s durability and performance. Hunter Industrial exceeds warranty expectations on all levels. First, Hunter Industrial recently introduced an unheard of lifetime warranty for all fans in the HVLS product line (read more here). Secondly, Hunter’s Jan Fan line offers a full, five-year warranty on all air-circulator fans (read more here). These industry leading warranties are proof of the Hunter  commitment to product excellence. 


If you have questions about how the reliability and performance of a Hunter HVLS fan could benefit your facility, we’d love to talk or provide you with a customized, one-on-one analysis based around your specific needs. Interested? Please reach out. You can find us at 1-844-591-3267 (Fans) or at our website.