Global Supply Chain Operator Case Study - Hunter Industrial

Industrial ceiling fans provide a temperature controlled environment

Before Installation

As the material handling and subject matter experts in North America for GEODIS—a leading global supply chain operator—MHR has recognized that HVLS solutions are an ongoing priority for its facilities across the map.

'It’s always a necessity for us,' said Brian Davis, MHR Sales Manager. 'Starting with employee satisfaction and working its way outward, establishing a comfortable environment in our facilities is a must, and air quality and control plays a large part in that.'

A leading ROI has been straight up employee satisfaction with having a comfortable and healthy work environment. ~ Brian Davis

Looking for an HVLS option that was low impact in terms of energy and cost but high impact in performance, MHR began talking with Hunter Industrial and installed their first fans in February 2016. 'Since our introduction, what we’ve found especially valuable about Hunter is the ability to work directly with their team and not have to go through a dealer,' said Mr. Davis. 'Their high level of accessibility and responsiveness is really an added benefit.'

To date, more than 20 Hunter Industrial fans have been installed in and for both MHR and GEODIS facilities, with the companies also referring Hunter products to external customers for more than five projects and counting.

After Installation

Since the start of their relationship with Hunter Industrial fans, MHR’s team indicated an increased ability to maintain and manage optimal air temperatures in facilities with consistent and even airflow throughout their spacious warehouses. With HVLS warehouse fans typically yielding a 10- to 12-degree temperature reduction in warmer months, MHR has pointed to employee comfort and satisfaction as the up-front benefit.

'A leading ROI has been straight up employee satisfaction with having a comfortable and healthy work environment,' said Mr. Davis. 'Employee satisfaction directly relates to company growth—happy employees are more productive and reference other employees. In this way, we’ve gained back the value invested in the fans both in the short-term and long-term.'

When exploring HVLS options, MHR indicated Hunter’s leak-free, quiet direct drive motor was a compelling draw, while the ability to set the fan to spin clockwise or counter clockwise was a valuable feature that increased the fans’ functionality across seasons. When the fans’ blades rotate counter clockwise during the colder months, warm air that has risen to the ceiling level is circulated downward, raising temperatures on the floor by several degrees and optimizing a facility’s heating system’s performance.

'The data shows that HVLS fans more than pay for themselves in reduced energy costs and their seasonal versatility,' said Mr. Davis. 'They also have a streamlined aesthetic and cool style that’s a nice add-on.'

MHR also appreciated the turnkey nature of Hunter’s products with limited parts and a plug-n-play design that translated into easy install for both their workers and external customers. 'It’s been no muss, no fuss. If there ever is an issue—which are few and far between—we can rely on Hunter to fix it. Because no project goes smoothly, that reliability goes far.'