Motorsports Shop Keeps Staff Comfortable - Hunter Industrial
Hal Musler has raced cars for nearly 30 years, racing in events like GT-1 and Pro Trans Am. His racing experience led him to run Musler Motorsports. “The average day in the shop is working on preparing our race cars for upcoming events. We also do restoration and reproduction of vintage race cars,” said Hal. Based in middle Tennessee, employees are often working in 90-degree weather in the summer.

Couple that with high humidity and the conditions can be sweltering to work in. Hal invested in the Hunter Industrial XP series for his shop to keep everyone cool and comfortable. “We found the competitive products had the very large gear boxes,” said Hal, “Aesthetically they didn’t look very well, whereas the Hunter fan was smaller, compact, lightweight, no gearbox involved, which also eases maintenance and service costs.”

Other reasons he chose the XP fan by Hunter Industrial is because of the ability to use the shop’s existing 110v power and the easy installation process. “It took one person a little less than two hours to complete the install,” said Hal.

The XP by Hunter Industrial Fan is available to order now, coming in five sizes ranging from 14-feet to 7-feet.