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When It Comes to Attracting Top Talent, Environment Matters

Younger generations have consistently made their mark on the workplace. Whether it was women working outside the home after World War II or the millennial generation’s desire to have more meaningful work or a good work-life balance, meeting the desires of an up-and-coming workforce is not a new phenomenon. However, with the manufacturing industry seeing growth through new technologies in the midst of a shrinking workforce, finding ways to attract new talent has taken on a new level of urgency.


Why Your Work Environment Matters for Recruitment

In a 2018 skills gap and future work study conducted by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, it was estimated that by the year 2028 that only 2.2 million out of 4.6 million manufacturing jobs would be filled. This is due to the introduction of more advanced technologies and the anticipated retirement of baby boomers. However, a more important finding was the identification of a common misconception of manufacturing jobs by younger workers. An article by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA), dug deeper to find that millennials and Generation Z perceive manufacturing jobs to be tedious work for little money in less-than-satisfactory work environments. With interest in the manufacturing field waning, manufacturers have begun to take a hard look at steps they can take to change these perceptions to attract and retain top employees for their facilities. One of the top ways is to create a positive and appealing workplace environment.


You Only Get One First Impression

While offering training and competitive salaries are important parts of the overall job package, when a new recruit comes in for an interview, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. What an employee takes away from the facility can be just as important as what you offer them. If the facility is cluttered or not a comfortable temperature, it can send the wrong message. It can make the difference of whether a job candidate chooses your company or a competitor.

In a recent blog post by Widseth, a company that specializes in workplace development, they specifically mention making sure that your lighting and ventilation system speaks value to both your current employees and your future workforce. Also, considering that almost 28% of workplace injuries occur within the first year of employment, creating a comfortable and safe environment for new employees is an ultimate priority.


An HVLS Fan Can Create The Environment Top Talent Desires

Whether it is safety that is a value proposition for your job candidate or physical comfort, an HVLS fan offers a cost-effective means to meet those goals. HVLS fans have been proven to dry spills more quickly which decreases the opportunity for slips and falls. The continual air circulation provides a comfortable atmosphere that encourages higher employee morale and interpersonal collaborations. Finally, when you are working to make a good first impression, an HVLS fan offers not only physical, but also a visual confirmation of the ways that your company takes employees' needs into account.


In addition to making your company more attractive to a new generation of workers, there are other benefits to an HVLS fan. With the cost spent to train new employees, as well as costs to replace employees that leave, retaining your workforce provides its own ROI. Additionally, when an employee feels valued, you are more likely to cultivate an engaged and committed workforce. And, as you recruit a new generation of employees who are drawn to more cutting-edge technologies, the productivity available to you will grow — if you choose to create a work environment that attracts and retains this up-and-coming workforce.


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