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Maintaining a clean, comfortable, and safe environment is essential in the food service industry. Installing high quality commercial ceiling fans is a cost effective and efficient way to immediately improve your restaurant environment, for employees and patrons alike! There are many variables at play when considering why one restaurant is successful and another is not. Reliable, consistent airflow can be a simple and economical way to seize more control over your environment! Discover the benefits of installing a ceiling fan at your restaurant.

Dine in Comfort With Restaurant Ceiling Fans

Studies have shown that something as simple as the temperature outside can directly affect the number of diners that walk through the door. When it is hot, fewer people want to go out to eat. Having a cool, comfortable environment is a key factor in restaurant success, and commercial fans can ensure that this is the case. Comfort is not only important for diners who are already seated; by maintaining a relaxed, comfortable environment, guests are more likely to wait to be seated! The right restaurant ceiling fan can create a cooling effect of nearly ten degrees, dramatically increasing the level of comfort at your establishment!

And while guest comfort is vital, maintaining a cool environment for restaurant staff is just as important. Studies have shown that one of the primary factors employees consider when deciding to transition from one job to another is physical comfort: air quality and comfortable temperature in particular. In a fast-paced, active workplace like a restaurant, commercial ceiling fans can make a BIG difference.

Moisture, odor, and pests… oh my!

There are plenty of benefits to installing ceiling fans in your restaurant, beyond just temperature control. Spills and excessive moisture are a daily concern in a dining establishment. The risk of slips and falls are always present and can pose a hazard for both employees and guests. Not only that, but residual moisture from the kitchen environment can lead to product spoilage and unsanitary conditions. Consistent airflow increases the rate at which this moisture evaporates, helping to mitigate these risks. The airflow generated by commercial ceiling fans will help to deter pests as well, and is an effective way to eliminate unwanted odor.

The Trimaran Outdoor Ceiling Fan keeps bugs from bothering diners on the patio of Andrew Michael Italian Restaurant:

Cost Savings

Last, but certainly not least, is that commercial ceiling fans will accomplish all these goals for your restaurant while ALSO generating significant cost savings. The cooling effect generated by commercial ceiling fans will supplement your HVAC system and reduce cooling costs in the warmer months. During the winter, ceiling fans redistribute warm air trapped at the ceiling (in a process called DESTRATIFICATION) and lower your heating bill.

The cost savings doesn’t stop there. By making your restaurant environment safer and more comfortable, employees will be less likely to find work elsewhere. This lowers costs associated with recruiting and training new employees and drops the likelihood of closures due to staffing issues. Beyond that, studies have shown that a cool environment leads directly to increased productivity.

So, which fan is right for you?

The largest, most powerful ceiling fans on the market are HVLS, or High-Volume, Low-Speed, fans. These fans can be HUGE, measuring 7’ and 24’ in diameter, and generate massive airflow. Perfect for large, open spaces with high ceilings, the airflow generated by HVLS fans provides widespread airflow across a large area. Hub City Brewing, a brewery/restaurant/performance venue in Jackson, TN, has found success with XP HVLS fans, which is one of three HVLS fan models produced by Hunter Industrial & Commercial. We also have ECO HVLS fans and Titan HVLS fans!

If your space is not quite right for HVLS fans, there are plenty of other options. Trak, another fan produced by Hunter Industrial & Commercial, is available in multiple sizes, colors, and lighting options, and is equipped with an 8-speed motor. Billed as “The Modern Commercial Ceiling Fan,” the Trak collection is thoroughly capable of providing quality airflow and modern style at the same time. Rock’n Dough Pizza ­+ Brewery installed Trak fans a couple years back, and has been able to successfully save in energy costs year-round! Browse our selection of restaurant ceiling fans to find the perfect fan for your restaurant.

Learn more about the Trak collection here:

And there are so many other options! After Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen in Memphis added sleek and modern Trimaran outdoor ceiling fans to their patio, they are now able to seat guests outside and add to their overall capacity without sacrificing comfort. Not only that, but the added breeze keeps bugs from bothering guests! No matter your style or vibe, Hunter Industrial & Commercial has an option for you.­­­­­


Are you trying to decide which restaurant ceiling fan is right for you? The best thing to do is chat with an expert. Contact Hunter Industrial & Commercial to learn more!