The Yard 901 Fan Install Case Study – Hunter Industrial


Located just outside of Memphis, The Yard 901 is changing the way athletes train, teams practice and individuals workout. Owner Ricky Dyer opened the facility in April 2019, which features a 10,000 square-foot fitness center, batting cages and turf field in addition to group exercise classes and personal training.

Although the facility has an HVAC unit, Ricky knew he needed ceiling fans to help circulate the air throughout the expansive space. He knew of Hunter’s residential fans but wasn’t familiar with the company’s industrial/commercial line until a friend introduced them to him.


Ricky installed eight of Hunter Industrial’s newest commercial fan: the Trak . Immediately, Ricky felt a difference in the air movement thanks to the eight-foot Trak fans. He was also surprised by how quietly the fans operate.

“Noise reduction was something we didn’t even realize was a factor. Our previous barrel fans were operating loudly, and the Hunter Trak fans are so quiet. People can hear instructors way more clearly now!” commented Ricky.

Another benefit for Ricky is the efficiency of the fans, especially from a financial standpoint. “With the HVAC unit having to work less while the fans are operating, the utility bill has been drastically reduced!” said Ricky.

In addition to air movement, silent operation and financial savings, Ricky noted how easy the fans were to install—even his electrical contractor, who has installed hundreds of fans, commented on the simple process. “The electrician said it was easier to install than the competitor product and also mentioned how impressive the packaging was,” noted Ricky.

Ricky hopes to open more Yard locations in the future with Hunter fans in them. “The fans are so much better than I envisioned. I even run them on the reverse setting during the cold months to circulate the heat. I’m thrilled for less wear and tear on our HVAC unit.”

Hunter Trak fans cooling the fitness center
The Yard901 with TRAK