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So you are in the gym, or in a warehouse, or in a brewery, and you are looking up at the ceiling and thinking, “what’s the deal with that gigantic fan?”

They go by many names. Warehouse fan. Industrial fan. Really, really, incredibly big fan. But those in the know refer to them by a simple set of initials: HVLS.

But the question remains, just what is an HVLS fan, and why is it necessary?

What does “HVLS” mean?

Let’s start with the initials. HVLS stands for “High-Volume, Low Speed,” and is used to describe the fact that these large fans move a high volume of air while spinning at a low rotational speed. More specifically, an HVLS fan is defined as any mechanical fan measuring more than seven feet in diameter. That means an HVLS fan must have a diameter that is about a wide as Shaquille O’Neal is tall. Typically, an HVLS fan spins at roughly 8mph, or between 71 and 200 rotations per minute, as compared to a residential fan that spins at approximately 230 rotations per minute.

Another key difference between HVLS fans and standard residential fans is a measurement called CFM, or Cubic Feet per Minute. This measurement indicates the volume of air moving through a fan every minute. While an average fan that you may have in your house can produce around 29,000 CFM with a 1-hp motor, an HVLS fan can produce about 140,000 CFM with the exact same 1-hp motor.


How Big Are HVLS Fans?

These large industrial fans measure anywhere from 7 to 24 feet. The Hunter XP HVLS fans are designed for tighter business spaces and are available from 7ft to 14ft. For bigger industrial spaces, the Hunter Titan HVLS fans are available at a whopping 24ft, or roughly 3.4 Shaqs. Either way, HVLS ceiling fans are larger, spin slower, and move WAY more air than the average residential fan.


Where are HVLS fans appropriate?

HVLS fans can go in many different places! At Hunter Industrial & Commercial, we have installed HVLS fans in warehouses, breweries, outdoor pavilions, automotive garages, food banks, and many other locations! Typically, HVLS fans are used to cool areas of more than 40,000 square feet.

Really, a commercial HVLS fan can be a great addition to any large space where a comfortable, even, safe environment is essential. HVLS fans can aid in employee retention, control moisture and humidity, and generate year-round energy savings.

Why go with Hunter?

Hunter Industrial & Commercial is one of the most trusted names in the ceiling fan industry. We are so confident in our products that we back our industrial and commercial HVLS fans with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We have the best customer support and fastest lead times as well.

And that is not all. In addition to our HVLS products, we offer a full range of commercial fans and Jan Fan Industrial Air Circulators as well. Adding Hunter fans is a simple way to improve your facility’s environment!

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