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One of the most significant factors in maintaining a safe, productive, and comfortable facility is proper air movement. It’s easy to think that air conditioning alone is enough to control a workplace environment, but it is not the case for many industries. For larger buildings, it can be nearly impossible to maintain comfort year-round, especially during the hot summer months. This is doubly true for active environments like manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and shipping centers, where employees are required to perform strenuous labor no matter the temperature. For these workplaces, industrial fans are an effective and economical way to take control over a building’s environment, saving time, money, and stress along the way.

Things to Consider

A key factor to consider is the industry in which these fans will be used. As mentioned above, the most obvious facilities are manufacturing and warehouses, but that is not all! Here are a few examples of the types of industries that can draw immense benefit from proper airflow:

Another consideration when looking at industrial fans is the size of the facility. A large open warehouse may benefit from a fleet of properly spaced HVLS fans. Other workplaces may benefit from smaller, more targeted industrial air circulators aimed at specific working environment. The exact volume of air that needs moved to properly control a facility’s environment can vary for each case. It is important to consult with experts to know the optimal number of fans and fan placements.

HVLS: High-Volume, Low Speed Fans

HVLS fans are one of the single most effective ways to take control of your building’s environment, making your workspace safe, comfortable, and productive in the process. These are BIG fans, measuring between 7’ and 24’ in diameter. HVLS fans are specifically designed to move massive amounts of air at low rotational speed, and their effects will be felt all around your building.

In the summer months, the air circulation caused by HVLS fans will create a perceived cooling effect of up to ten degrees! This cooling effect will lower the risk of heat stroke and other heat related illnesses, and studies have shown that a cool environment can lead to increased productivity. In the winter months, HVLS fans will pull and redistribute warm air from the ceiling and decrease costs associated with energy consumption. Quality air circulation leads to increased moisture evaporation, which will alleviate the risk of spills and erosion.

Learn more of the benefits of HVLS fans: 

Hunter Industrial & Commercial has three HVLS fan options, TITAN, ECO, and XP, all with different features. TITAN, Hunter’s flagship HVLS fan, is the one of the most efficient and powerful HVLS fans on the market. TITAN has five blades and is available in sizes ranging from 14’-24’. ECO is the perfect choice for any facility looking to keep occupants comfortable, productive, and safe at an economical price point. ECO has four blades and is available in 8’-24’. Finally, XP is an option that is perfect for tighter spaces that need the benefits of HVLS fans but may not have room for a larger fan or the need for guy wires. XP has four blades and is available in 7’-14’.

To make your HVLS selection process even easier, Hunter Industrial & Commercial has developed the Adjustable Downrod, an innovation that incorporates telescoping design and industrial grade bolts to ensure ease of installation and confidence in quality. The Adjustable Downrod is included with TITAN and ECO and is available exclusively from Hunter.

Industrial Air Circulators

Sometimes direct airflow needs to be concentrated in one specific area or workstation in your facility. This is where industrial air circulators come into play. Rather than recirculating the air in an entire facility, an industrial air circulator provides direct airflow wherever needed most. Air circulators come in a variety of sizes and mounting options and can easily be transported around a facility. Many facilities are equipped with both HVLS fans AND industrial air circulators to meet their needs!

Jan Fan is one of the most trusted and recognized names in the air circulation industry. Jan Fans are available in multiple sizes, from 12” to 30”, and can be mounted on a wall, an I-beam, a pedestal, a maneuverable mount, and more. In 2019, Jan Fan was purchased by Hunter Fan Co., and is now part of the Hunter Industrial & Commercial family of products.

Commercial Fans

Some industries need the benefit of reliable airflow, but do not meet the size requirements for HVLS fans. These industries, like retail, restaurants, hotels, apartments, and senior living communities, can draw immense benefit from commercial & industrial ceiling fans. Trak, a modern commercial ceiling fan from Hunter, works where guest comfort is as important as style and durability. Built with a commercial grade motor and extruded aluminum blades, Hunter Trak commercial ceiling fans bring a long lifespan and optimal airflow. Trak is one of many commercial fans offered by Hunter Industrial & Commercial.

Next Steps

When it comes to industrial ceiling fans, there is not always a one-size-fits-all solution. Some facilities have both a large warehouse area AND a smaller customer focused area. For these types of business, all three types of fans might be beneficial.


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