Efficiency And Safety For Your Automotive Plant

At Hunter Industrial Fans, we’ve made it our mission to fully understand the unique and specific needs of this complex industry. Engineered to elevate every step in your automotive assembly line, our industrial fans add safety, worker satisfaction, and efficiency to your facility.

Made to reduce slick surfaces, residual moisture, and pests, our HVLS fans are ideal for protecting your employees, equipment, and product and creating a more clean and safe production plant.

Safety is always a top concern when working with heavy machinery, that’s why our commercial fans work to bring added safety and security to your facility. By creating a 6-8° cooling effect, our large fans reduce heat related risk and injury, while increasing employee retention and satisfaction. In colder weather, our fans pull warm air from the ceiling to create a better workspace for your workers and equipment, while decreasing your heating costs up to 30%. In any weather, our fans are designed to keep your automotive plant comfortable, while reducing the workload on your HVAC systems and minimizing your utility costs.

Because our fans are the only ACMA certified industrial fans, you’ll have full confidence in bringing our high quality equipment into your space. Additionally, our fans come with a limited lifetime warranty, a simple way to honor our foundation of customer satisfaction and safety.

You’re constantly making sure your automotive facility is running at peak performance. At Hunter Industrial Fans, we understand the specific needs of your space - no matter the size or location - and our range of commercial ceiling fans are the key to elevating your work environment, safety, and production. Our experts are ready to work with you and design a plan perfect for your space. Click below to get connected now!

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At Hunter Industrial we know air. Our industrial and commercials fans were carefully crafted to meet the needs of your detailed and delicate industry. Our experts are ready to work with you to design a perfect airflow plan to enhance your space. Click below to connect with us today.