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Hunter Industrial is a leading provider of powerful and efficient High-Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) commercial and industrial ceiling fans explicitly designed for their respective applications. Our HVLS industrial and commercial fans, engineered to meet the demanding needs of large-scale facilities, are renowned for their unrivaled performance, superior airflow, and reliable operation. Whether it's cooling expansive warehouses, maximizing ventilation in manufacturing plants, or optimizing air circulation in gymnasiums, we offer a wide range of robust and energy-efficient solutions, setting a new standard for comfort and productivity in commercial environments.

Industrial Fans Enhance Comfort & Efficiency Wherever You Need It

It’s obvious that industrial fans are standard in certain commercial settings. But you may be surprised to discover that they also deliver exceptional airflow and cooling capabilities in many lesser-known venues:

  • Agricultural Facilities: Designed to improve air circulation and reduce moisture levels in agricultural settings, these commercial fans contribute to a healthier environment for livestock, preventing heat stress, improving productivity, and promoting optimal growth.
  • Warehouses: Ideal for large-scale warehouse facilities, our big shop fans effectively circulate air, reduce the effects of humidity, and maintain a comfortable working environment for employees.
  • Commercial Kitchens: With their high-performance airflow, our industrial fans aid in proper ventilation and smoke extraction, improving air quality and comfort for the kitchen staff.
  • Manufacturing Plants: Heavy-duty industrial fans enhance ventilation, improve air quality, and promote worker safety in manufacturing plants by effectively dissipating heat and removing fumes and airborne particles.
  • Sports Arenas: By efficiently distributing cool air throughout sports arenas, our commercial fans deliver a pleasant spectator experience and enable athletes to perform at their best.
  • Gymnasiums: Commercial fans offer excellent air circulation, ensuring consistent temperature control and improved air quality during intense workouts and sports activities in gyms and fitness centers.
  • Factories: Big industrial cooling fans enhance overall airflow and promote effective temperature regulation, creating a conducive environment for increased productivity and employee well-being.
  • Distribution Centers: HVLS industrial ceiling fans help maintain uniform temperatures, preventing hotspots and optimizing product preservation, thereby ensuring a favorable environment for goods storage and handling.
  • Auto Repair Shops: Owners use big shop fans to provide powerful air movement, assisting in the removing hazardous fumes, such as exhaust gases, solvents, and chemicals in automotive shops, creating a safer and healthier workspace.

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Commercial Fans for Large & Small Spaces

Whether you're trying to cool a huge warehouse or a small shop, you're going to need commercial fans that provide an efficient solution to your needs. We've tailored our industrial fans to serve clients from businesses of all sizes. From Titan, our powerful, heavy-duty industrial fan, to the Trak, the small commercial fan designed for open-concept spaces, there's a Hunter Industrial & Commercial fan for every workplace.

At Hunter, We Care About Our Customers, and it Shows

We've worked hard to make the best commercial and industrial fans around, and we're not about to risk our reputation. We back our Titan, ECO, and XP industrial fans with a Limited Lifetime Warranty – the best warranty in the industry – because we believe in the quality of our industrial ceiling fans. Furthermore, we're here when you need us, from the time you press the "order" button to delivery to installation and cleaning. If you have a question about our products or services, just give us a call: 1-844-591-3267.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Fans

The truth is, the terms “Industrial Fan” and “Commercial Fan” are often used interchangeably. At Hunter Industrial & Commercial, we use the term “Industrial Fan” when referring to our lineup of HVLS (High-Volume, Low-Speed) fans that measure between 7’-24’ in diameter. When we use the term “Commercial Fan,” we are referring to fans like our Trak fan, which is more like the kind of fan you would have in your home, only upgraded to meet the needs of commercial applications. We’ve developed both large and small fans to control the airflow in all the businesses we serve!

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“The air movement is so powerful, and everyone who comes in the shop asks about them. They’re absolutely awesome fans and keep us cool every day.”

 Justin Annarino

owner of Key’s Custom Automotive

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What happens when a basketball goes head-to-head with our HVLS heavy-duty industrial fan blades? Find out in this demonstration. Spoiler alert: We take on footballs, tennis balls, and soccer balls, too.

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Clear the Air With Commercial Fans From Hunter Industrial

Hunter's industrial and commercial fans are the trusted solution for your ventilation needs. Whether your goal is cooling a large warehouse, improving air circulation in a manufacturing facility, or enhancing comfort in a commercial space, our large industrial fans offer unmatched performance and durability. Contact us today to discover how Hunter Industrial Fans can meet your needs for a better work environment.