High Quality Industrial Fans For Your Superior Facility

From customer satisfaction, output demands, and worker safety, each and every day you face new challenges as you maintain a manufacturing facility that runs smoothly and efficiently. With Hunter Industrial fans and air circulators, you’ll be able to take on any day with more confidence and peace of mind.

Ideal for the particular needs of this unique industry, our HVLS fans and air circulators are perfect for creating a better environment, improving safety, and maintaining better production.

With a 6-8° cooling effect, Hunter Industrial fans work to improve working conditions and elevate employee satisfaction, retention, and safety. During warmer seasons this cooling effect helps to reduce the risk of heat related stress or injury. In colder areas, our larger fans will bring the warmer, trapped air away from the ceiling, saving you as much as 30% in heating costs, creating a better environment for your workers, production, and equipment. In any season or region, our large fans will improve your facility while lessening the workload on your HVAC system and reducing utility costs.

By bringing steady circulation to each space and every area of your facility, our commercial fans help to maintain moisture control, protect against product spoilage, reduce the risk of slippery surfaces, and deter odors and pests from settling in your space.

Hunter Industrial Fans are the only AMCA certified industrial fans and come with a limited lifetime warranty, showing just how seriously we take our commitment to customer safety and satisfaction.

Each manufacturing facility comes with its own unique requirements, and yours is no different. Together we can create the perfect plan for your plant, to improve workspace environment, employee morale and safety, and production quality. Click below to speak with one of our experts now!

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At Hunter Industrial we know air. Our industrial and commercials fans were carefully crafted to meet the needs of your detailed and delicate industry. Our experts are ready to work with you to design a perfect airflow plan to enhance your space. Click below to connect with us today.