Take Your Hangar To a New Level With Hunter Fans

Take your hangar to a new level with Hunter Industrial Fan's high-volume, low-speed industrial fans. Perfect for the needs of the aviation world, our fans will bring airflow and safety to your space.

Whether you’re in a warmer or colder climate, having a Hunter Industrial fan in your space means reducing the workload on your HVAC system and cutting utility costs. With a cooling effect upwards of 6-8°, our fans are perfect in warm weather for worker happiness, safety, and retention. In colder weather, these HVLS fans will pull hot air from the ceilings to keep your occupants and aircrafts warm.

Safety is a top concern for you and for us, that’s why our fans are designed to reduce the risks unique to aviation hangars. The consistent airflow reaches each area in your space, reducing the risk of slippery surfaces and slick equipment. This constant movement also minimizes pests, keeps dust from settling, and has been proven to deter birds from nesting.  

As the only AMCA certified fans, we take pride in bringing airflow and safety into your space. Additionally, our fans are the only industrial fans that come with a limited lifetime warranty, solidifying our commitment to your satisfaction and safety.

With Hunter Industrial Fans, it doesn’t matter the size of your hangar, the climate you live in, or the number of aircraft you have. Together we can create a plan to bring airflow, safety, and peace of mind to your unique space. Click below to contact one of our specialists now!

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At Hunter Industrial we know air. Our industrial and commercials fans were carefully crafted to meet the needs of your detailed and delicate industry. Our experts are ready to work with you to design a perfect airflow plan to enhance your space. Click below to connect with us today.