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Details on Adjustable Downrods for Industrial Fans

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Industrial ceiling fans are a key piece of equipment used to keep your business comfortable, safe, and productive, therefore, it is critical to ensure that you install your industrial ceiling fan correctly.

One of the biggest issues for HVLS fan customers is selecting the appropriate downrod to fit their space. Installing your HVLS fan too high increases the risk of blade interference with your ceiling or other obstructions. Placing your fan too low could result in sub-optimal airflow. Regardless, you’ll want to avoid the frustrations of re-installing your HVLS fan if it’s not the proper height.

The Downrod’s Role in Industrial Fans

Industrial fans, also known as HVLS (High-Volume, Low-Speed) fans, are large-diameter ceiling fans designed to move a massive volume of air at a low rotational speed. They typically range between 7 and 24 feet in diameter, and make your business feel up to 10°F cooler. These quiet industrial ceiling fans work with your HVAC system to save you up to 30% on energy costs.

The downrod is the part of the fan that connects the motor to the mounting plate. It ensures your fan is properly spaced from the ceiling or other obstructions. It also ensures proper airflow above and below the fan.

In the past, the measurement of the downrod was set at a fixed length. You had to know when you placed your order which length you needed. 

Requirements for Installing HVLS Fans

Industrial fans should be placed between 20 and 30 feet off the ground to properly circulate air. However, acceptable performance has been demonstrated with fans as low as 10 feet and as high as 50 feet off the ground. HVLS fans also must be at least 25% of the fan diameter between the fan blades and the ceiling to ensure proper air circulation. Your industrial fan must be at least two feet away from any potential obstruction, like light fixtures, walls, and ductwork.

In the past, these spacing requirements led to confusion and frustration as purchasers attempted to install their new HVLS ceiling fan, only to find they had not properly measured their space.

Hunter HVLS Adjustable Downrod

Hunter’s HVLS Adjustable Downrod Removes the Guesswork

The Adjustable Downrod is an innovation that incorporates a telescoping design, which means you can extend the length of the downrod to fit your spacing requirements. This ceiling fan extension downrod is available in three different telescoping lengths, 2.5-4ft., 4.5-6ft., and 6.5-10ft. These options can be adjusted in 6” increments.

The adjustable ceiling fan downrod is thoroughly tested for toughness and durability for two times the product’s lifecycle.

Hunter Titan, ECO, and DDI HVLS fans come standard with the Adjustable Downrod, giving you flexibility as your business needs change and confidence knowing your HVLS is at peak performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Adjustable Downrod for Industrial Fans

We’ve been in the ceiling fan game for a long time. The following are some common questions regarding industrial ceiling fans and fan downrods.

Some downrods are adjustable and some aren’t. For residential ceiling fans, many manufacturers make adjustable fan downrods to easily fit your space. For industrial ceiling fans (AKA HVLS ceiling fans), Hunter Industrial & Commercial is the only company that offers an adjustable downrod.

Typically, if you want a shorter downrod for a fan, you need to order one specifically made for your product. Hunter Industrial & Commercial offers an adjustable downrod for HVLS fans that can be lengthened or shortened using a telescoping design.

They shouldn’t! At Hunter Industrial & Commercial, we design our fan downrods to hold your HVLS ceiling fan firmly in place. If you experience any sort of wobbling, contact our US-based customer support team immediately.

We designed our exclusive industrial fan adjustable downrod to work exclusively with our Titan, ECO, and DDI HVLS fans.

The Adjustable Downrod helps to ensure your HVLS fan is properly spaced from the ceiling and avoids obstructions. However, before moving your HVLS fan to a new location, it is important to perform all necessary measurements and ensure the new location is conducive to proper airflow.