Hunter Fans Spotlight: The Trak Wired Commercial Fan

Hunter Fans Spotlight: The Trak Wired Commercial Fan

Trak Wired Fans in a Restaurant


Hunter Industrial & Commercial's Trak Wired collection revolutionizes how businesses manage air circulation and comfort by combining unsurpassed style and performance. From its innovative motor to intuitive controlling options, discover why Trak Wired is the perfect choice for your commercial environment.

Picture yourself in a trendy restaurant, lively gym, or outdoor patio. In these business settings, it's important to have both a stylish and effective ceiling fan. The Trak Wired commercial ceiling fan combines both elegance and functionality. Continue reading to learn more.

Enhancing Commercial Comfort

When designing a commercial space, ceiling fans are often an afterthought. This should not be the case. According to Science Direct, commercial ceiling fans have the potential to, “bring benefits including increased occupant comfort and decreased energy use either through raised setpoints in cooling or destratification in heating.”

A recent study taken in a school classroom found that students seated in the zone affected by a ceiling fan were more comfortable and productive than students seated father away. These same findings can be applied to the guest and employee experience in your restaurant, gym, or any other commercial setting.

What Sets Trak Wired Apart

Trak Wired comes with a range of features that make it a standout in the commercial fan market:

  • The Trak Wired commercial ceiling fan has an 8-speed, DC reversible motor. This allows you total control over your airflow needs. It also gives you the option to change the direction of the fan.

  • Trak Wired comes with a 3-year warranty to show our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Trak Wired offers unparalleled control capabilities to simplify your life. The innovative wall control system makes managing and regulating the fan's operation effortless. (More on this in the next section)

  • Trak Wired is designed to meet strict safety standards and is UL 507 Wet Rated and IP45 certified.

  • The optional LED light kit is designed to add extra illumination and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Trak Wired Controls

One of the standout features of Trak Wired is its innovative wall control system. You can effortlessly manage a single fan or an entire network of fans from a single wall control. No more struggling with multiple switches or losing remote controls.

Basic Wall Control: This option is simple and functional. It features a tactile switch for easy operation and efficiently manages up to five fans within your commercial space. An LED bar clearly displays fan speed and brightness adjustments.

3" Touchscreen Wall Control: For those who want more control, the 3" Touchscreen Wall Control is an excellent choice. With its vertical touchscreen interface, this control allows you to manage up to 10 fans. It provides on/off, speed, and lighting controls, making it a valuable upgrade for enhanced fan management. Although this control doesn't support individual fan configuration, it offers a great balance for those who want more control without complexity.

4" Touchscreen Wall Control: This is the ultimate control option. With a horizontal touchscreen interface, this control allows you to manage up to 30 fans. It offers individual fan and lighting control and advanced scheduling and zoning features. With this control, you can tailor your fan network to your exact requirements, ensuring the most efficient and comfortable environment for your commercial space.

Ideal Industries for Trak Wired

The Trak Wired Commercial Fan is great for industries that need flexibility and easy control options to benefit the most. Here's a look at some businesses where the Trak Wired fan shines:

Restaurants and Cafés:

Restaurants and cafés thrive on creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for patrons. With Trak Wired's range of control options, restaurant owners can effortlessly manage multiple fans to ensure optimal airflow and temperature regulation.

Fitness Centers and Gyms:

In fitness centers and gyms, maintaining a comfortable environment is essential to keep clients motivated during workouts. Gym owners can enhance the workout experience for members by adding the optional LED light kit. This creates an energizing ambiance while also keeping the space feeling cool and well-ventilated.

Retail Spaces:

Retail environments often face challenges with temperature control, especially in larger spaces with high ceilings. Trak Wired Commercial Fans provides an effective solution with their advanced control options.

Event Venues and Entertainment Spaces:

For event venues and entertainment spaces, the Trak Wired Commercial Fan offers reliable performance and intuitive control options. Whether it's a concert hall, conference center, or outdoor amphitheater, event organizers can benefit from the fan's versatility and efficiency.

Conclusion: Where Style, Comfort, and Efficiency Unite

The Trak Wired Commercial Ceiling Fan collection showcases a blend of style, comfort, and efficiency. It's not just about air circulation; it's about ensuring your guests and employees are comfortable while keeping energy costs in check.

Connect with Us

If you're ready to enhance your commercial space with Trak Wired Commercial Ceiling Fans, our US-based customer service team is here to provide expert guidance. We're committed to helping you achieve consistent and aesthetically pleasing airflow in your space.

Whether you run a restaurant, a fitness center, an outdoor space, or an open-concept area, Trak Wired offers a range of control options and style choices to meet your specific needs. Connect with us and let us assist you in finding the perfect fan to enhance your commercial environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial ceiling fans provide better air circulation, improved temperature control, energy efficiency, and enhanced ventilation when compared to traditional ceiling fans. This creates a more comfortable and productive environment for both customers and employees.

The Trak Wired commercial fan offers streamlined control, energy efficiency, and improved air quality. It addresses concerns about managing multiple fans, reducing energy costs, and ensuring a comfortable atmosphere for customers and employees.

With its 8-speed, DC reversible motor, the Trak Wired fan ensures optimal performance while minimizing energy consumption, resulting in significant energy savings for businesses.

Restaurants, fitness centers, outdoor spaces, and open-concept areas significantly benefit from the Trak Wired commercial fan.