High Quality Fans For Top Quality Production

At Hunter Industrial Fans, we know that bringing food and beverage to your customers and community is truly a balancing act. Our high volume, low speed fans and air circulators are carefully crafted to meet the needs of this detailed and delicate industry.

Engineered to bring quality airflow and circulation into every corner of your facility, our HVLS fans and air circulators help to create a safer and cleaner environment. The consistent air movement helps to create moisture control, reduce slick surfaces, prevent product spoilage, and deter pests and odors from settling in your equipment, product, and storage.

In any climate, our industrial fans will work hard to keep your processing plant safer and more comfortable, while reducing your utility costs. On warmer days, our fans create a 6-8° cooling effect, ideal for worker happiness and retention, and perfect for reducing the risk of heat related stress or injury. In colder weather, our fans will pull warmer air from the ceiling, creating a better environment for your equipment, production line, and employees, while reducing your heating costs up to 30%. In any weather, our fans will keep your space more pleasant, while reducing the workload on your HVAC and keeping utility costs down.

Our industrial fans are AMCA certified and come with a limited lifetime warranty, steps we have proudly taken to keep customer safety and satisfaction as our top priority.

With our large fans, you’ll be able to quickly see the benefits in your environment, workers, product, and production line. Now is the perfect time to take your space to a new level, click below to be connected with one of our experts today!

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At Hunter Industrial we know air. Our industrial and commercials fans were carefully crafted to meet the needs of your detailed and delicate industry. Our experts are ready to work with you to design a perfect airflow plan to enhance your space. Click below to connect with us today.