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Material Handling Elevated With Hunter Industrial Fans

Keeping the chain of supply moving smoothly and safely is key in this industry. By adding Hunter Industrial Fans to your facility, your staff, equipment, and production schedule will quickly benefit.

As you work hard to keep your team on track, our industrial fans work to keep workers satisfied and safe. Our HVLS fans and air circulators bring consistent movement to each area of your space to reduce slick surfaces, to deter pests and odors from settling, and to create moisture control. Your pickers, product, and equipment will quickly feel the improvements.

Our commercial fans are designed to elevate your warehouse and reduce energy costs in any weather or climate. On hotter days, our fans create a  6-8° cooling effect, made to increase worker happiness, retention, and utility savings, while reducing the risk of heat related stress or injury. On colder days, the unique design of our fans will pull warmer air from the ceiling to create a better environment for workers and equipment, while reducing heating costs by up to 30%.

No matter the size of your facility or factory, it’s crucial every step of your process runs smoothly. Our HVLS fans and air circulators are crafted to keep your storage, equipment, and product well maintained by creating moisture control and decreasing the risk of overheating or spoiling.

When it comes to quality equipment and warehouse safety, you know exactly what you’re looking for to elevate your material handling facility. With Hunter Industrial Fans, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve added the only AMCA certified industrial fans to your space, backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

Keeping the supply chain moving is what your facility is built for, adding safety and security to your space is what Hunter Fans are designed for. Together, we can craft a plan specific to the unique needs of your material handling space. Click below to connect with one of our experts now!

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