Success Story: CrossFit Courageous – Hunter Industrial

Success Story: CrossFit Courageous

Success Story: CrossFit Courageous


In the bustling world of fitness where the competition is as fierce as the workouts, Knoxville-based CrossFit Courageous stands out not just for its challenging regimens but for its exceptional gym environment. Owners Zach and Kate Quayle have harnessed the power of effective air circulation to create a superior workout experience, relying heavily on a Hunter Industrial Drum Fan to enhance their facility.

The Role of a Hunter Industrial Drum Fan at CrossFit Courageous

Understanding the importance of air quality in a high-intensity training environment, Zach and Kate decided to integrate a Hunter Industrial Drum Fan into their gym setup. This robust fan is known for its high-velocity air movement, which is crucial in a space where athletes perform demanding workouts that raise body heat and respiration rates.

The choice to use a Hunter Industrial Drum Fan stems from its ability to efficiently circulate air across the large open spaces typical of CrossFit gyms. The fan's impressive power ensures that fresh air continuously replaces the stale, exhausted air, creating a cycle of breathability that is essential for maintaining energy levels and focus during workouts.

Supporting Athlete Workout Recovery and Well-Being

One of the immediate benefits of investing in a Hunter Industrial Drum Fan is an improvement in overall air quality. The enhanced circulation reduces the buildup of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, which can become concentrated in poorly ventilated areas. For members of CrossFit Courageous, this means fewer distractions from discomfort and more focus on hitting personal bests.

“A high-intensity environment like CrossFit Courageous requires a safe, clean environment where members know their health is being supported in every facet possible,” Zach says.

And another benefit lies in controlling humidity levels within the gym. Excess moisture can make the environment feel stuffy and can be a breeding ground for bacteria and odors. By keeping the air moving, Zach and Kate ensure a fresher, cleaner smelling gym which is more inviting and less intimidating for both new and existing members.

Drum Fans Provide Cost-Effective Cooling Solutions

Opting for a Hunter Industrial Drum Fan has proven to be a cost-effective solution for CrossFit Courageous. Traditional HVAC systems can be prohibitively expensive to operate in large, open spaces like those used for CrossFit. The Drum Fan, however, provides a high level of efficiency, delivering large volumes of air movement at a fraction of the cost of running full-scale air conditioning.

This efficiency can translate into lower electricity bills, reduced need for HVAC usage, and decreased overall operational costs. Moreover, the durability of the Hunter Industrial products means that maintenance costs are kept to a minimum, ensuring that the gym’s budget can be focused on other areas of development and improvement.

“In a warehouse space like ours—with only one garage door and no other open windows or doors—there is limited airflow. Our members enjoy nothing more than laying in front of our Drum Fan after finishing a tough workout,” Zach says.


Maintaining A Striking Gym Facility

The visual and auditory impact of the Hunter Industrial Drum Fan also contributes to the gym's rugged, industrious aesthetic. The industrial look and powerful presence of the fan complement the gym’s branding as a place of strength and endurance.

“Our 150 members demand quality equipment to support their workouts. Hunter is rooted in the same quality, and it looks as good as anything in our club,” Zach says. “In fact, Hunter is a brand that shares our own principles for toughness and strength. I can’t recommend their fans more highly.”

Hunter Industrial is the Gym Owners’ Choice

For Zach and Kate Quayle, investing in a Hunter Industrial Drum Fan has been a strategic decision that aligns with their commitment to providing a top-tier fitness experience at CrossFit Courageous. By improving air circulation, they have enhanced health conditions and contributed to a gym environment that is as energetic and welcoming as the community they foster. This approach not only sets CrossFit Courageous apart from other gyms but also demonstrates the owners' dedication to their members’ comfort and success.

Hunter Industrial & Commercial offers a variety of High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) fans and Air Circulator options to meet your gym needs. Reach out to us today to explore the solutions that will elevate your space.